Sadistic man strangled girlfriend and stabbed her dead body after finding pregnancy test

A “sadistic” murderer killed his girlfriend by strangling her before dressing her in designer clothes, stabbing her dead body and writing abuse over her skin with a felt tip pen.

Robert Massey has been handed a life sentence with a minimum of 28 years before he is eligible for parole after pleading guilty to the brutal murder of his partner, Jacqueline Forest.

Massey also pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of two men, who he believed Ms Forest, who was known as Jaki, had been unfaithful with.

49-year-old Jaki had been in a relationship with Massey since summer of 2020 and he had lived with her at her home on Piele Road in Haydock.

On August 15 he was given an 18-month community order at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court after assaulting Jaki and was banned from attending her address for 28 days.

Andrew Ford KC, prosecuting, told the court how this community order was in relation to an incident two days previously in which Massey went to the flat armed with an iron bar and attempted to kick her front door down. He stole her bank card before pouring vodka over Jaki and threatened to light the spirit on fire as he left the address.

Despite the incident, the couple met up again in a park during the August bank holiday weekend and then spent time together over the next few days, mostly in Jaki’s home.

At around 7pm on Tuesday, August 30, Massey was in Jaki’s bed while she was in the shower, the Liverpool Echo reports.

He started to look through her phone and found messages which “suggested she had been unfaithful with two other men” — Anthony Murphy and Graham Roberts, the latter of whom Massey considered to be his “best friend”.

The 43-year-old then attacked Ms Forest as he confronted her when she got out of the shower. He later admitted to police that he “saw red” as he grabbed her by the neck and began “straddling her” on the bed.

He repeatedly struck her to the head and face with his fists before placing both of his hands around her neck and squeezing until she “went floppy”.

In behaviour described by Mr Ford as “macabre and sadistic”, Massey then covered Jaki’s lifeless body with a towel, placed a watch on her wrist and Moschino shoes on her feet as well as a handbag over her arm and sunglasses over her face.

The murderer explained to officers that he had “ruined her beautiful face and decided to put some nice things on her because she always used to look pretty.”

However, after finding a pregnancy test nearby Massey continued the disturbed behaviour, stabbing his victim in the womb with a kitchen knife. It was later confirmed that Jaki had not been expecting a baby.

Massey then took a green pen and began scrawling on Ms Forest’s body, writing “my best mate” next to the stab wound, as well as “slag” on one thigh and “baby” on the other.

The killer then went on a drinking and drugs spree, withdrawing £500 at a cash machine using Ms Forest’s debit card and purchasing £400 of cocaine.

He withdrew a further £500 in the early hours of the morning and used her card again at Mollie’s Bar in St Helen’s town centre.

After this, Massey began to “plan his revenge” on Murphy and Roberts.

He lured Murphey to the flat that he had killed Jaki in, showing him her body as he said: “Look what you’ve f***ing caused”.

He then began attacking Murphy with the same knife he’d stabbed Jaki with earlier, stabbing him three times to the back and twice in the neck before Murphy was able to flee to a neighboring flat for help.

He was rushed to Aintree Hospital where he underwent surgery after having lost 20 per cent of his blood and was discharged after a week.

Massey then went to Roberts’ workplace in Norris Green, stopping on the way to purchase a pair of scissors, before launching another attack during which Roberts sustained stab wounds to his right arm, chest and behind his right ear before he was able to jump into a passing car.

In the meantime police had discovered Ms Forest’s body in the flat and Massey was arrested while walking down a street after the attack on Roberts.

He admitted murder, two counts of attempted murder and possession of a bladed article in a public place and was jailed for life with a minimum term of 28 years.

Sentencing, Judge Brian Cummings KC said: “I express my remorse and condolences for all of the victims in this case and all of those connected to them.

“This was undoubtedly a brutal murder. It was apparent that the victim, I regret to say, must have endured significant mental and physical suffering before she died.”